American Rain Forest

Black and white photo of waterfall in American rain forest around Portland Oregon

Black and White Photographs of an American rain forest taken with using film and traditional vintage single lens camera. Photographs were taken in and around Portland Oregon.

Beach on Lake Michigan

Black and White Photo of Carly on a Lake Michigan Beach 2

I took these photographs using an old 35mm SLR and 55mm lens in South Haven on the west coast of Michigan.

Carly in Black and White

Black and white photograph of beautiful woman

Doing so much iPhone and digital photography I want to go back to analog film. Taking 36 photos and waiting for the development reminds me of what I first enjoyed about photography–the anticipation and surprise.

Eating Insects

Eating Insects Feature Photograph

These portraits are tests for a project I am working on.

3×4 Squares

12 square photographs of people on the CTA

Square images arranged in a three by four grid. Each sheet is a theme.


Bullfight inLogroño, Spain. Truly beautiful and cruel.


Acapulco, Mexico – Old Town Acapulco with prostitutes talking in doorways, chopped chickens hanging from wires, old men without teeth. This is far from the resort, mostly in atmosphere and smell. The market looks the same as any open air market anywhere so no photos of the generic. Only color and the vendors and a blurry sun over a blurry resort.