Eating Insects

Eating Insects Feature Photograph

These portraits are tests for a project I am working on.

Back of Head Portraits

Everyone has turned away. All you see are the backs of people’s heads. At first this discomfort causes slight panic because you cannot see their faces. They pay no attention to you, they ignore you. You do not know what they are thinking because you can not read their expressions. The back of the head reveals very little. Then the discomfort becomes curiosity. What do they look like? Who are they? Why are they turned away? You want to break the two dimensional photographic plain and try to get in front of them. You cannot.

Fear & Trembling

It started with a radio program about apitamenophilia. Also known as wannabes derived from “want to be amputees,” these are individuals who want to have a particular limb removed, like a leg, or an arm. Most doctors will not remove a limb on a patient who voluntarily wants it removed, so these people dip their legs in liquid nitrogen, or blow their feet off with shotguns.


On the kitchen table, in the living room, a home office, and on the couch, workspaces have shifted from a designated space the people go to, to a space the goes to the people. Work happens where people are or want to be. These photographs, taken with a tradition four by five film camera, represent a very contemporary evolution and of a timeless endeavor.